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Welcome to the site of the TESOL du Québec (TESOL Québec).

By providing teacher accreditation and certification to practice as a Qualified Language Teacher in TESOL, TFSOL or TSSOL; TESOL Québec attests to the expertise of the teachers holding these titles, thereby fulfilling its mandate to protect the students, schools & teachers.

Mission of TESOL Québec is to promote the teaching standards, to ensure the highest quality of services to its members, and ensure communications among students and teachers of different languages and cultures.

Consult our Recognized Members list for the contact information of certified members & institutions that can provide the language services that you may require.

Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions with us by email at info@tesolquebec.com .

Samuel Parsayan, Director, TESOL Québec



TESOL Québec represents more than 1,000 TESOL Canada members, all of whom are certified language teachers in English, some in French & some in Spanish holding approved certificates in TESOL, TFSOL & TSSOL in Québec’s top institutions.

TESOL Québec has been devoted to ensure and promote competencies and expertise of its members in the fields of teaching languages.

TESOL Québec is a full member of the IATEFL International TEFL Federation through TESOL Canada, and a Member of International Council of Education. The international grouping of IATEFL association has more than 100 professional associations representing over 80,000 language professionals in 55 countries.


Mission of  TESOL in Québec & Montréal

By Accrediting and Certifying Language Teachers in TESOL, TFSOL or TSSOL; TESOL Québec attests to the teaching qualities and expertise of its teachers holding these certificates.

Its mission is to improve skills and promote the expertise of its’ members, foster improvements in teaching practice and assist members in upgrading & adapting to technological, institutional, cultural and educational standards & changes.


Values of TESOL in Québec & Montréal

  • Accountability & Responsibility. Accountability is one’s commitment to take ownership of one’s actions, to conform & honour the ethics of teaching. 
  • Trusting Our Work. Work Trust means ensuring the utmost quality and skill in one’s work and relationships. It implies working in an efficient and thorough manner and being proactive. It is the result of a creative process combined with continuing skills development and a high degree of autonomy.
  • Leadership. Leadership is the capacity to guide, influence and inspire. It requires vision and strategy, confidence in one’s skills, as well as the ability to communicate and be persuasive.




Founding of the Canadian Language Teachers Association (CLTA) in Montreal. Funding of the Universal Students Centre (USC) at McGill University, Montreal.


CLTA changes its name and becomes the TESOL Québec.

July 12, 2004

Being accepted with TESOL Canada and in accordance with TESOL Canada’s members association in Québec, TESOL Québec officially gets recognized in Québec and abroad.

September 10, 2013

TESOL Québec, renewed TESOL Canada membership, became member of TESOL USA and IATEFL through TESOL CANADA, as the world’s largest and most prestigious teachers and language specialist group.

TESOL Québec Language Professors 

(In the province of Québec & greater Montréal region)

(TESOL in English, TFSOL in French & TSSOL in Spanish)

Language teaching consists in rendering teaching a language to a student as a second language enabling written and oral communication of the student in the new language.  Students can be adults or minors, advanced or beginners and Canadian or foreign.


Aptitudes of TESOL or TFSOL Teacher

Teachers by nature are, intellectually curious, skilled at transferring ideas from one language to another, highly skilled and possess broad general knowledge as well as strong adaptive teaching skills. They must have good interpersonal skills and an adaptable nature, in addition to strong communication skills.

Working conditions

Salaried teachers work for national or international organizations, private firms or agencies. Although many of them specialize, most are generalists. Teachers in private practice are increasing in number (an estimated 34% of all teachers are independent contractors). They must perform the functions of teacher and develop their own sources of terminological & methodology support.

Advances in information technologies have created new tools that have radically changed the way both free-lance and salaried teachers work.


Being a teacher requires university training and constant learning throughout one’s career. Teaching provides daily challenges and enrichment and hence upgrading courses are available through TESOL Quebec and its’ partners.


Certified Language Teachers: (TESOL, TFSOL, & TSSOL)

TESOL Québec members in good standing can be certified and practice under the title of Qualified Language Teacher or TESOL Qualified, which considers them experts in the field. For more information on the responsibilities of TESOL Québec members, see the section on Announcements

STRUCTURE of TESOL in Québec & Montréal

Like most of the associations, TESOL Québec operates as a self-governing organization; its members therefore play an active role in its management.  

TESOL Québec members are divided into three geographical regions: Montreal, the Outaouais Region and the Capitale-Nationale Region, and are managed by two bodies of the Board and the Executive Committee.



The Board is made up of twelve directors.

Of the twelve directors, eleven are members of the TESOL Québec, elected by popular vote, and one is appointed by the Office of TESOL Canada. The latter perform the same functions and have the same powers and duties, with very few exceptions, as the elected directors and their role is to represent the viewpoint of students and teachers.

Directors are elected for two-year terms. The President of the Order is elected by the Board of Directors for a one-year term.


The Executive Committee manages the day-to-day business of TESOL Québec. It’s power, is assigned by the Board. The Executive Committee is made up of five members, one of whom is a director appointed by the Board.


TESOL Québec has been subject to access to information and privacy regulations since September 14, 2007. Unless required by law, confidential information of members may not be released.

Access to information requests may be submitted by email or in writing.

To contact the person responsible for access to information:

Tél. : 1(514) 500-0522,  info@tesolquebec.com


Valid requests concerning members files must be submitted directly to the Director of TESOL Québec Dr. Samuel Parsayan, Prof.a. Director.

To contact the TESOL Québec:

Tel: 1(514) 500-0522

1200, rue McGill Collège, 
Bureau 1100, 
Montréal, QC  H3B-4G 7    Courriel : info@tesolquebec.com

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