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TESOL Québec  in Montréal – Québec

TESOL Québec is the Québec affiliate of TESOL Canada representing accreditation programs for TESOL & TFSOL institutions as well as ESL & FSL teachers in Québec . While TESOL Québec  provides ESL teaching membership and accreditation, TFSOL Québec  is in charge of French language teaching recognitions in Québec  and across Canada. If you require the services of a language teacher or a language school approved by TESOL Québec please visit list of Recognized Members. Our 1,000 members offer quality services in a multitude of subject areas, using nearly fourteen different languages. 

If you would like to Register or simply Learn More about TESOL Québec, we invite you to browse the entire site.

For information about our mission, please read the Message from the President & the Public Announcement page.

For information about our membership process please read the Membership & Mentorship pages.

For information about upgrading courses please read the Course & Certification section.

 TESOL Québec  is a proud representative member of TESOL Canada & TESOL USA. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional assistance.  We are here to serve and protect teachers and students.




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