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Teach English, French or Spanish to Speakers of Other Languages by TESOL, TFSOL or TSSOL Certification


Order of TESOL Québec  & l’Ordre de TESOL du Québec in Montréal is the accrediting organization to provide TESOL Canadastandardized TESOL, TFSOL  & TSSOL Certificate programs and accreditations in the province of Québec & greater Montréal region. TESOL Québec offers TESOL memberships for students and institutions within the province of Québec & city of Montréal.  TESOL Québec is nationally affiliated to TESOL Canada and all it’s organizational members in Canada, USA, Europe & Asia. TESOL Certified Language Teacher is to teach English in Québec & across Canada. TFSOL & TSSOL certifications are to teach French & Spanish. TEC is to Teach English to Children, TBE is to Teach Business English and TAE is to Teach Academic English. For membership information please join us atMembership page. For upgrading courses in TESOL , TFSOL  or  TSSOL  please enter below:

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